Seminar week one notes

Hey guys,

So after the seminar on Tuesday afternoon I was suprised at how many different topics were used in other groups cabinets. For example, in D1’s collection of cabinets they mainly had a grouping of movies and music which was similar to Amy and Joe’s cabinet.

However, group D4 focused on social networking sites including Facebook, FormSpring and Myspace. All of the group use and/or have an account to most social networking sites and so we discussed he benefits of it. One advantage being that you can communicate with your friends and find your friends to communicate with. With nearly everybody owning a Facebook account its not hard to track down a certain person that you’re looking for. The flaw of Facebook being that you get random people adding you even if you have ‘mutual friends’ or dont for that matter. However, none of the group saw the point in Twitter and would much rather just use Facebook to communicate with eachother.

Other things that group D4 discussed in their cabinets were television programmes. They all disliked the reality show Big Brother because exposes people who are desperate for fame and fortune. Another thing which some of the group disliked was the topic of downloading music illegally on sites such as Limewire or any other sites which let you download the latest tracks for free.

Other things which they discussed was the brands which each person wore or used for the day, this links to our blog as Amy and Joe incorperated brands which they like in their cabinets.

That was the extent of the discussion, I hope this is okay

Amy xx


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