Street Art Exhibition Thoughts

We wandered around the street art exhibition trying to pick up on underlying themes and issues.

When I think of street art, I think of spray paint, stencilling, stickers and public spaces. Graffiti art started in the 1980’s and has evolved constantly since then.

In general, most of the art work on show was politically driven and had a strong message

However, some of the works represented a departure from political statements and focused purely on either personal expression or popular street art aesthetics. This stuff was questionable as classic street art because they both lacked the context of the street and did not have the features of typical street art to the uninformed eye.

Typical street art connotations are spray paint, graffiti, vandalism, stickers, public spaces. These are the most common associations. However, the exhibition served as a place to see that street art is much more than this. Its motives are as individual as the producers themselves and it takes thousands of different forms.

The only thing that is mainstream about this piece of “street art” is the fact that it is big enough to have a noticeable presence amongst the concrete jungle.

There is also something about the spilt paint that brings an element of the street inside the gallery. Street art does not confine itself to the classic rules of the art gallery.

One all-encompassing theme that I picked up on is that all street art serves to bring the streets to life and give new meaning to otherwise blank public spaces.



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