Seminar Week Two

Hiya groupies,

Today in this session we was talking about media control and ownership, street art and our street art manifestoes and our main tasks that we was set this week. Now discussing anybody’s view on street art we all had our versions on how we see it. Majority of us agreed that there should be a meaning in street art. So for example if we take Banksy’s Napalm artwork, here we  interrupt various messages. The significance of this art,which we discussed,was that it was important that you knew the history of the originally painting to understand the bigger picture in which Banksy transformed it into. There were other views which people wanted to interpret street art, for example D3 made a point that street art doesnt have to be meaningful or particular has to send a message,it could just be a beautiful form of art.

When talking about the political and social aspects of sreet art D5 argued that there are better ways other than street art to get a message across,for example marches and petitions as you are involving more people and making more of a point,and with street art it can get painted over which erases the message. However with this, it was also argued that street art is more expressive than a petition or marches as it can be seen a frequently by people and that image would stick in their heads (thats if no one has graffitied over it) . An example, if somebody spray painted the walls that belonged to the house of commons saying ‘we need your money’ though this would get washed off within hours however it would hit headlines and that message would make us ask questions. Street art is also simple and can be seen in many different ways which makes it so interesting and

In this session we was looking at the ownership and the media, here are the questions that we focused;

1. How does the ownership and the content of media affect the content?

2.Should media owners be subject to controls? How? By whom?

3.How can we find out about media owners?

4.What do we know about the culture of media workers?

5.How can we find out more?

We was talking about BBC,BBC TWO,ITV,CHANNEL 4 and CHANNEL5,and discussing advertisment and the money from advertising.Also the idea of censorship from the news that we watch. The question was asked ‘Should we be shown the graphical and vile images that Britain doesn’t show us in our news from around the world?’

This is pretty much everything from the discussion also I was told that for the task for next week it doesn’t have to be a item just from our diaries it can be any media product i.e tv programmes or ads,and for the other part we can make a sketch on how we could find out about a person’s (that works in the media)media culture.

Hope this is okay

Sofina 🙂


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