“I hate Starbucks! Do you?”

Hello again!

We asked 23 people the same question:  ”We hate Starbucks! Do you?”. We came up with the following results:

Who answered  YES:   – 3 men
-5 women

Melissa- 35, female, youth worker- I hate Starbucks! comments: “It’s overpriced and has no individual feel.”

Who said NO:    -8 men
-7 women

James – 17, male, school student/skateboarder – I love Starbucks! comments: “The frappucinos are awesome! I get one when I take a break from skateboarding in town.”

Mark- 45, male, manager- I love Starbucks! comments: “Love going to get a coffee and sit and read the paper.”

The age of the people we questioned can be placed between <18,  18-25, 26-35 and 36-45.

In what concerns ethnicity,  we came across different backgrounds:

The chart above reveals the following:   10 White British
7 Other white background
3 Black Caribbean
2 Black British
1 Mixed white British and Japanese

Asking them about their occupation gave us an idea on what occupational group each of them belongs:

As you can see, the majority can be categorised as class E, represented by students (18), then we have the C1 (3) and B (2) class.

Don’t forget to write on your own blogs the analysis concerning the results above!

Have a sunny day:)


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