105MC- Genre

Our weekly task was to choose a genre in any two of the following areas:

. TV shows
. Films
. Advertisements
. electronic games
. magazine articles
. social networking –  and to list the defining characteristics of it.

Write a brief outline description of a new object within that genre thinking of a way to change it and subverting the genre conventions and outlining effects on the audience. At the end, we must write down what we learnt from the exercise and name some genre objects we currently consume, saying how do we think differently about them now.

After meeting and understanding what “genre” stands for, we agreed upon Films and Advertisements, the genre chosen being a 3D Animated Cartoon Movie and a Cleaning Products Ad.

3D Animated Cartoon Movies:

-feature some sort of story or plot

-the majority represent the fight between Good and Evil, with the Good always wining

-high details

Cleaning Products TV Ad:

-always start with a dirty kitchen/bathroom

-there is a woman doing the cleaning

-ends up with an amazing shiny house

For the 3D Animation Movie we’ve chosen “Finding Nemo” as a start in our own story:

[…] After escaping from the tank and getting back into the sea, Nemo finds himself enjoying the adventure to the point of becoming a “pirate” and thinks of a way to take over the mainland. He will gather some of the most unworthy animals he can find and he will build weapons in order to exterminate the human race. In the meantime finds new ways to breath. Due to his ingenious plans, he wins all the fights and becomes one of the most feared creature and ends up having the human under his complete control for eternity.

Our story would definitely make parents think twice before taking their kids to see the animation at the cinema, because of its violent character and astonishing ending. It’s not a regular 3D animation movie, not having the expected happy ending, and the happy clown fish turning out to be the bad character.

Cleaning Products TV ad:

The ad begins with a dirty kitchen. The father and his 10 year-old son just finished their first cooked meal, which was a disaster, when the mother walks in to find the mess. The two boys put on a huge smile, and run outside to play football leaving on the table a bottle of X Cleaning Spray and the still-amazed mom. The camera moves to the front yard scene, where the little boy and his dad were playing football. 3 seconds later you see a pot flying out the kitchen window right on dad’s head and the mom saying with a superior smile: “It seems that the X Cleaning Spray works on its own!”.

Our ad destroys the myth of the obedient woman who always cleans up after her family without complaining. The audience will judging it to be absurd even intriguing, mainly men, considering cleaning to be a woman’s duty. The feminine audience may take it as funny.

We found the experience of “playing” with genre to be fun and inspiring, making us think more about how it affects people, and how we would react as an audience, at the sight of our own animation and ad.

Take care,



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