105MC Seminar- Narrative

Hi guys,

After we had a summing up of last weeks genre discussion and we analyzed our weekly task. Some groups have chosen as their genre example horror movies and games, while others based their task on soap-operas. I presenter our task – 3D Animation Movies and Cleaning Product Ads. It seems that it got Will pretty impressed and I am glad to say we did a good job!

Then we talked about “narrative”. While some of you may know what narrative stands for, having previous studies connected to it, there are a few, as myself for which the term was quite new.

We discussed Propp’s theory and if it can be found nowadays, in movies, ads etc. Some of us agreed that some elements can be found it today’s media, and that, in which concerns soap-operas it’s harder to connect them to it. Afterwords, Joseph Campbell’s “Te hero with a thousand faces” was related to Propp, having many things in common (eg. the way the character is constructed). C. G. Jung’s theory of the destruction of the mind followed, which was very interesting, learning about “archetypes” – “universal prototypes for ideas that may be used to interpret observations”.



1. Look at three different media objects: one print-based, two TV/film/web-based and with a mixture of factual and fictional. Examine them to see how far Todorov’s linear narrative structure and Propp’s notion of character functions and narrative units apply to the different texts.

Write a brief description of how each of these character functions and narrative units move the narrative forward through the different stages. Can you isolate other character functions and/or narrative stages in your media objects that Todorov and Propp did not isolate?

2. See if you can find a media object that does not conform to Todorov’s linear narrative structure and/or does not contain Propp’s narrative functions. If so, is that related to their form (for example, that it is a web-based, more interactive media object)? In what way is it different and why? What are the possible effects on the audience’s reading of the object: does it make the meaning clear?

Post your findings up on your individual blogs!

Group tasks

1. Compare your findings for the individual activity above.

  • Are there any common threads to your findings?
  • What does your research tell you about the concept of narrative?

2. See if you can do the individual activities above for the media object that you produced for your 72 Hour Challenge. How does it conform to/diverge from Todorov and Propp’s notions of narrative structure and why?

Now to get to something very important! The 2000-2500 words essay we have to do! Check the keyconceptsinmc.wordpress.com (I hope i got it right) for Steve’s post on how it has to be done. Be very careful about the Harvard Referencing System -check Coventry Uni’s site for more on how to use the correct references.

After you do your part on your individual blogs, we shall meet and discuss the group task:)




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