Week 9

Hello everybody.

I attended Tuesday’s seminar (30th Nov) to present our work from week 8’s “Narrative” theme.

I showed how we had all managed to come up with examples of media pieces that go with and against Todorov and Propp’s ideas about linear structure and character functions.

Will Barton and I spent quite a while discussing Pulp Fiction, the film that I used as a classic example of a non-linear narrative structure. Weirdly, no one else in the seminar had seen it or could comment on it (I thought most people had seen it!). See my blog for more info.

Discussion turned to the morning’s lecture on “Representation”, which focused on the process of representation, and ideas such as the “gaze”, codes and conventions, stereotypes, feminist film theory and gender roles in the media.

Our individual task is based on gender roles in the media. We are being asked to produce a “binary opposition table” based on stereotypical gender roles.. A binary opposition table has two headed columns (male/female) with a list of comparable data entries on either side (strong/weak). See the task sheet for further info: http://keyconceptsinmc.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/105mc-week-9-tasks.pdf

Our group task is to then look at our groups lipdub result, and say how it might use gender stereotypes or countertypes like those in our binary opposition tables. Add to this, we have to then produce aberrant, negotiated and oppositional readings of the lipdub video.

Sounds complicated. The following links are the best I could find to explain these terms.




See also:



Next weeks seminar representative will have to discuss our group’s thoughts on (1) how our lipdub video might use gender stereotypes or countertypes and (2) if we managed to conclude anything relevant from these three “readings”.

Please leave comments on this post to kick start some discussion.



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