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72 Hour Challenge ~Making of ?~

I know that these photos are not the best but I managed to take some shots even though everyone was  running away from the camera.

Enjoy ūüėÄ


Street Art Manifesto

1. The streets belong to us.

2. We will hold no secrets. We will always expose the truth.

3. Every solid surface is a medium for self expression. Anything goes.

4. We will question everything.

5. We will fight for democracy and freedom of speech.

6. Authority is not relevant to street art. We will not be censored or policed.

7. The Streets are a way of life, as powerful as those who inhabit it.

8. We will be spontaneous with our actions, with no regrets, or fear of any repercussions.

9.Emotions and feelings are expressed in a unconventional way to create a message.

10. Informality expresses the creative side which pokes fun at ways to tackle issues.

Street Art Exhibition Thoughts

We wandered around the street art exhibition trying to pick up on underlying themes and issues.

When I think of street art, I think of spray paint, stencilling, stickers and public spaces. Graffiti art started in the 1980’s and has evolved constantly since then.

In general, most of the art work on show was politically driven and had a strong message

However, some of the works represented a departure from political statements and focused purely on either personal expression or popular street art aesthetics. This stuff was questionable as classic street art because they both lacked the context of the street and did not have the features of typical street art to the uninformed eye.

Typical street art connotations are spray paint, graffiti, vandalism, stickers, public spaces. These are the most common associations. However, the exhibition served as a place to see that street art is much more than this. Its motives are as individual as the producers themselves and it takes thousands of different forms.

The only thing that is mainstream about this piece of “street art” is the fact that it is big enough to have a noticeable presence amongst the concrete jungle.

There is also something about the spilt paint that brings an element of the street inside the gallery. Street art does not confine itself to the classic rules of the art gallery.

One all-encompassing theme that I picked up on is that all street art serves to bring the streets to life and give new meaning to otherwise blank public spaces.


Seminar week one notes

Hey guys,

So after the seminar on Tuesday afternoon I was suprised at how many different topics were used in other groups cabinets. For example, in D1’s collection of cabinets they¬†mainly had a grouping of movies and music which was similar to Amy and Joe’s cabinet.

However, group D4 focused on social networking sites including Facebook, FormSpring and Myspace. All of the group use and/or have an account to most social networking sites and so we discussed he benefits of it. One advantage being that you can communicate with your friends and find your friends to communicate with. With nearly everybody owning a Facebook account its not hard to track down a certain person that you’re looking for. The flaw of Facebook being that you get random people adding you even if you have ‘mutual friends’ or dont for that matter. However, none of the group saw the point in Twitter and would much rather just use Facebook to communicate with eachother.

Other things that group D4 discussed in their cabinets were television programmes. They all disliked the reality show Big Brother because exposes people who are desperate for fame and fortune. Another thing which some of the group disliked was the topic of downloading music illegally on sites such as Limewire or any other sites which let you download the latest tracks for free.

Other things which they discussed was the brands which each person wore or used for the day, this links to our blog as Amy and Joe incorperated brands which they like in their cabinets.

That was the extent of the discussion, I hope this is okay

Amy xx

Cabinet of Curiosities Discussion Notes

Because a few of the members of our group did not receive the Cabinet of Curiosities project brief until the end of last Tuesday’s seminar, we decided to collaborate online.

We got over some of the obstacles of not being able to meet as a group by including lots of commentary and explanation next to our works. We have sent each other the links to our personal blogs as the cabinet projects have been coming along.

There is a surprising amount of variation in the material we have all chosen to include, and the way we approached the task. However, some similarities did occur also. Harriet, Joe and Amy all had physical versions of their Cabinets that they had to photograph and supplement online. Sofina and Roxi’s material was put together online to start with.

Harriet and Sofina focused mainly on news based media without diverging onto anything else. Roxi also used a documentary style piece for her first topic about the way animal welfare is forgotten behind fast food branding. Harriet also focused on animal welfare, but in the context of dog ownership in the UK.

Amy, Joe and Roxi collected some more personal¬†artefacts¬†that relates directly to them and has influenced their lives. Amy and Joe’s cabinets are particularly similar in the range of items they included. It can be said that the items as a whole represent their outlooks on life. This ¬†enabled them to cover all different types of media from TV, clothing brands, music, etc. On Joe’s blog, he has used hairspray as one of his items. This is clearly to do with image, which relates to Amy’s use of designer labels and Roxi’s jewellry piece.

Harriet’s approach was more a critical look at the way media is received, and also what it accomplishes in covering social and cultural news material. Her idea was to present several outlooks on similar issues to see what effect it had. She focused heavily on the coverage of dog ownership in the UK, including articles and images from newspapers.¬† One article in particular was interesting as it gave an outline on what the Dublin city council. She has also included YouTube videos to back up her topic in her cabinet. This is extremely effective and it emphasizes and reinforces her theory on the topic.

Nigel’s cabinet came across in a similar way to Harriet’s and Sofina’s because of his approach. He focused on the world legality issues of cannabis and featured ideas from all different sources. His use of rhetorical questions is very provocative- “Why is cannabis illegal?”. He invites the viewer to think for themselves about their perspectives on the issue, much like Harriet and Sofina did.

Sofina and Harriet actually shared a topic in common which was the news coverage of the French Burqa ban and the different ways it was received. This is interesting as we can tell that it clearly interests them both, possibly because their lives have been affected by the ban and or people around them. It could just mean that this topic is found interesting by them both, which then creates awareness for others in our group as two people in our group have used the same news story.

Roxi covered a health phenomenon called “Pressopuncture”, which is the act of self healing through the consideration of pressure points. None of the rest of the group had heard of this particular alternative health practice before so it made an impact on all of us. With health issues, people are always willing to try new things to see if they work. We were all interested because of the idea that Roxi’s mum’s chronic back problems were healed immediately through the practice.

We have all learned a lot about each other from viewing our work. It has been interesting to meet the group first before looking at each others’ work, to see if any of our first impressions held true to the work we all provided.¬† The cabinet of curiosities provides a peek into other people’s lives, outlooks and what they hold close.

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