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I miss you all.

I joke, obviously.


Week 3 Seminar

I attended the seminar on monday for discussions following the work we did on researching a company. Firstly we were all asked to present the work we did and each group had something to show.  Our group stood out as we chose a company that no one had heard of, where as others chose familiar names such as the BBC, Apple, Windows and Qi. It was interesting to find out how these companies make money such as merchandising and also the controversy of the BBC getting free advertising for their products. The seminar covered mainly what Steve had discussed in lesson as we went over how TV companies now want more of the same. The lecturer gave us an example how previously, The Prisoner was made because one of the production companies biggest stars, Patrick Mcgoohan wanted to do something different to the norm. This is very unlikely to happen these days as the risk of a show not being a hit is too much to take, We also went over the Shannon and Weaver model and added how signs are very important in semiotics.  There were 3 tasks given out and they are the following;

1) As a group, look at the Shannon and Weaver Model and the different variations on it.

2) Introduction on semiotics, looking at Ferdinand De Saussure and Roland Barthes. How does this relate to audiences?

3)  Hypodermic Syringe theory introduction.

Will Barton also made it clear the importance of meeting up physically at least once this week.